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Exterior Services

Exterior services receive an inclusive service hand wash/chamois dry, wheel cleaning, wheel wells, tires, tar, bug and road grime removal, and clay service to remove environmental fallout. Claying will deep cleanse the pores of the paint and allow wax or sealants to adhere better and last longer. Exterior rubber trim and tires are dressed and conditioned to like new state. Prices shown are price ranges; actual cost depends on size and condition of vehicle. All exterior services also receive vacuuming of interior & cleaning of interior windows & mirrors. All exterior services also includes an under carriage wash.




We pre-soak your vehicle’s tires, wheels, wheel wells, trim and front facia the scrub and rinse them loosening and removeing the grime, dirt, grease and splattered bug residue. We then wash your car with a mitt made from lambs wool using car wash soap with unique polymers to leave a mirror like shine. We treat your cars exterior rubber and trim to like-new condition. Your autos interior is vacuumed and both the dash and the steering column get wet dusted. We also pay special attention to make sure windows, window tips and , mirrors are clean. Interior fragrance is available upon request.



RED AND WHITE STRIPE POLISHThe two-step polishing service is projected to correct minor to medium paint imperfections like light scratches and oxidation (haze look). Your car is first professionally machine buffed through our special swirl free foam pad buffing process which uses Detail Kings polishes, glazes with resins to restore the paint to close to its original condition. The Cherry Carnuba Wax is machine applied to seal in the protection and leave a “wet look” brilliant shine. Approximately 6 months of protection.



Many vehicles today are subject to paint over-spray from freshly painted bridges, buildings, and roadways. Left untouched the paint can embed itself deep into today’s clear coated paints making it almost impossible to remove. Our claying procedure will easily remove most paint over-spray quickly and safely. We recommend one of our exterior protection services after this procedure.

Headlight Restoration


Over time headlights become damaged by UV rays as well as road debris and lose their clear luster and become a dull, brownish-yellow. As you can imagine, aside from making your car aesthetically less appealing, it also dramatically decreases the amount of light that actually gets through the lens. This results in poorer night visibility and increasingly hazardous night driving. When it comes to your family, just like with ours, SAFETY always comes first. While there are many dangerous variables on the road out of our control, this is not--make sure you have as much of an advantage as possible when your family is on the road at night. With All American Detail Headlight Restoration we can restore your headlights to brand new condition—and we’ll show you the difference in the reading on our Headlight Intensity Meter before, and after! (Our Headlight Intensity Meter meets all SAE Standards pertaining to intensity of headlights). Our headlight restoration includes a unique protective clear coat that blocks UV rays from your sensitive polycarbonite headlights and comes with a LIFETIME warranty against Oxidation from UV rays. If your headlights become yellowed or hazed from the sun at any time during your ownership of the vehicle, call us and we will repair them!



Maintaining a vehicle's engine clean actually will help it to run cooler, makes it easier to service and increases resale value. Engine compartment is shampooed with special degreasers & cleaners to break-down caked up grease and grime that has deposited on firewalls, liquid containers and valve covers. Engine compartment is then “dressed” with a non silicone low sheen dressing. Although many precautions are taken not to damage various electronic sensors we are not responsible for damage that could occur. Highly recommended for getting ready to sale your vehicle.

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