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Auto Detailing Packages

Auto Detailing Packages

Complete Interior & Exterior Detail


FIRST-CLASS DETAILThis detail package offers- Exterior: deep wheel cleaning and polishing, cleaning of the wheel wells, exterior wash with Detail Kings Berry Wash and Wax soap; clay the entire exterior; machine polish the clear coat (does not leave swirls); and machine apply Detail Kings Polymer Sealant for that long lasting protection. Interior: Clean door jams; deep vacuum; degrease all doors, center consoles, glove box; steam clean and shampoo carpets and fabric seats; clean and condition leather; clean the headliner; dress all plastic and vinyl of the interior; and finally clean and polish windows, mirrors, chrome, and wood trim. Estimated time: 3-7hours, depending on size and condition. Save 15% - 25% from purchasing this package, rather than purchasing a exterior detail service and a interior service at different times. Our Teflon Polymer Sealant is the industries top sealant due to a 1 year protection and protects against all of Southern California pollutants and environmental elements that can damage your vehicle's clear coat paint (especially acid rain and bird droppings).

Estimated time: 3-6hrs

Price: Depends on Size and Condition

Platinum Detail


ALL INCLUSIVE DETAILOur Platinum Detailing Package includes our Gold Wash and prep, our Teflon Polymer Sealant Protectant, a Full Interior Detail and an Engine Detail. It is a good idea to detail your vehicles engine once a year.The engine runs cooler by removing greasy deposit build-up on your cooling hoses.

A clean engine makes it easy to work under the hood and to detect leaks. If you plan on selling your vehicle to a private party you should consider having us clean and dress your engine compartment. A clean engine compartment sells!

This package of three major services saves you about 15% from the purchase price if purchased separately. Safety measures are taken while cleaning the engine compartment. Older vehicles may be at risk. Please ask us about more information regarding this service.

Estimated time: 4-8hrs

Price: Depends on Size and Condition

Complete Restoration Detail


The Complete Restoration Detail restores your investment (auto, boat, aircraft, RV, etc) into a like new condition. This involves: washing and claying; paint restoration (color/wetsanding the paint; compounding and buffing to remove oxidation, scratches, and paint imperfections; headlight restoration to remove yellow cloud (oxidation); restoring plastic and rubber trim back to its original color; polishing the wheels, degreasing the tires, and dressing the tires; removing of hard water spots and acid rain; polishing the paint with a clear coat polish; Finally, machine applying the finest Teflon Paint Sealant in the market.

As for the interior: we conduct a deep vaccuming underneath and between the seats, door pockets, seat pockets, center console, cup holders, and glove box; shampoo and steam clean the carpets and fabric seats with a stain removal system; clean all stains off leather and restore with Lexol Leather Conditioner; remove all stains off the headliner; remove all odors (even cigarette odors) with our ozone generator; degrease all doors, plastic trim, center console and door jams; apply a dressing/protectant for maximum protection against UV Rays and bring out the upmost shine; clean and remove all stains from switches, buttons, vents, steering wheel and turn siignals; and finally, add a fabric protectant on the carpets and seats to prevent future stains and easy clean up.

Estimated time: 6-10hrs

Price: Depends on size on condition


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We highly recommend on purchasing this package if you have recently bought a new vehicle to protect the interior and exterior clear coat. The New Vehicle Protection Detail features our Americas Poly Sealant Protectant for your new vehicles paint from environmental fallout and UV rays. Our Teflon Polymer Sealant will also shine the surface to a magnificent glow! To maintain total protection and that slick glossy look year-round have us reapply our Sealant annually.

Also, included with this package is our Fabric Protection for carpets and upholstery. Our Fabric Protection is odorless and colorless and acts as an invisible barrier that surrounds your carpets and seats fibers so a food spill cannot absorb into the fibers and stain. This incredible service will keep your interior cleaner longer and make routine vacuuming easier. If your vehicle has leather seats we will also condition the hides with a pH balanced leather conditioner. This will keep your seats soft and agile to make them easier to clean.

Most new car dealers charge from $700 - $1900 for this package! Why pay that ridiculous amount? You can save hundreds of dollars with us and receive the same high quality work from our professional detailers. Our specialty is on black vehicles.

Estimated Time: 3-5hrs

Price: Depends on Size and Condition

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